Business Technology Alignment & Risk Services  is the name of our very experienced team of consultants working together to solve business and technology problems for our clients.  Team members have strong track records and business knowledge in Healthcare, Insurance and Finance.

Page 2 “Alignment” describes our #1 service, Business/Technology Alignment, whose purpose is to maximize the alignment of A) investments, technology, IT strategy, and organizational expenses (the "means") with B) your firm's business goals, objectives & strategies (the "ends"),  including risk analysis/mitigation of these ends and their means (in support of both Sarbanes-Oxley and also the SEC’s amended rules on the Board of Directors Oversight Role for the Risk Management Process, effective as of February 28, 2010).

Page 3 “Alignment Tool” shows a general diagram of our Alignment service, and suggests the main tool we use, PAARM for Planning, Architecture, Alignment, and end-to-end Risk Management.

Page 4 “Inputs/Outputs” shows PAARM’s main inputs & outputs, and its Portfolio Optimization service.

Page 5 “All Services” lists most of the other main services offered, including IT Strategy for Competitive Differentiation.  We can also address a wider range of subjects upon request, and by collaboration with our network of experts in other areas.

Page 6 “Related Links” lists some of the internet links which describe some of the terminology, the basics and the background related to the services we offer,  including some of the basics of Business/Technology “Alignment”.

Pages 7 and 8 show the short and long biographies of Tom Robben, the primary contact person for the team.

Please contact us by email at  regarding any of our listed services or other potentially related services.

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